Passive Voice Misuse Checker vs. Manual Proofreading

In the realm of writing today, most writers and scholars prefer to rely on the active voice as their primary method of writing.

That being said, the active voice is still used in certain structures of writing. It really boils down on how a writer uses both forms of writing in his or her content. This is why identifying passive voice is extremely important and here is when passive voice check free comes in handy.

For up and coming writers and students, they prefer to use the passive voice thanks to its simplicity. That’s because when you are using the passive voice, it tends to be quite formal and straight to the point.

Unfortunately, the passive voice can cause a writer to diminish in popularity and effectiveness when they overuse it. Hence, most new writers require the assistance of a passive voice misuse checker.

Is Passive Voice Always Used and in What Cases?

Interestingly, passive voice is still used in quite a number of occasions in both academic and print writing. As a matter of fact, here are some of the instances in which the passive voice is used.

  • In print media, the passive voice is the preferred method of writing especially if we are trying to convey breaking news and are attempting to downplay the severity of a given situation. As you will see in newspapers, tragedies are always written in the passive voice. A plane went down…. three men were killed etc.
  • Additionally, we use the passive voice in the context of scientific writing when we are just presenting facts of a given study and we would like to have a formal tone to the content. This is why most scientific papers are written in the passive voice.
  • Ideal for creating objectivity: Since the passive voice makes us less attached to the content, we tend to have a better objectivity with it because our emotions have been distanced from the news that is being provided to us. This is in stark difference to the active voice which is written in such a manner that the action verb holds a lot of meaning and weight to our dogmas.
  • Holds an Authoritative Voice: Most formal speeches by heads of state and presidents are written in the passive voice because it tends to highlight the formalities of the given interaction and to showcase that the person communicating is of a higher rank as compared to other individuals in the meeting.

How to Fix Passive Voice Misuse in Your Content?

When writing your content, you have to understand that you can either write it in the passive voice or active voice depending on what realm of writing it is that you are dabbling in.

So with that in mind, here are some essential ways on how to fix passive voice misuse in your content.

  • Identify the passive voice structure: The passive voice is whereby the sentence acts upon a particular object with a given action verb. For example, Tyrone cleaned his room. Tyrone is the sentence subject performing the action of cleaning.
  • Knowing your action verb: In the aforementioned example, we can clearly see that our action verb is ‘cleaned’, hence it is our focal point of interaction when transforming to the active voice.
  • Introducing the auxiliary verb ‘to be’: To make the action verb our subject of the sentence, we will have to introduce the auxiliary verb ‘to be’ to make the sentence structure make sense in the active voice. Remember also to look out for the tense of the auxiliary verb ‘to be’ when converting to active voice. You can either change it to the present, past tense, past participle etc.
  • Converting to active voice: Hence, putting all that we have mentioned to mind, the passive sentence Tyrone cleaned his room will be converted to the following in the active voice: the cleaning of the room was done by Tyrone.

passive voice misuse checker for free

How to Use the Passive Voice Misuse Checker and How It Is Better Than Manual Proofreading

If you are currently dabbling in the realm of professional writing or working tediously with academic content, it is important to utilize a passive voice checker online and know how to correct passive voice misuse.

As a matter of fact, here are some of the ways that you can utilize our automatic passive voice fixer to ameliorate your writing.

  • Analyzes all the content that you have: One of the major advantages of our passive voice check is that it can analyze all your content in one go. It doesn’t matter whether it is a 5000-word essay or even a 10000-word dissertation, every instance of passive voice will be highlighted. This is in stark difference to you looking at all your content which can take hours!
  • Greatly ameliorates your content writing: Even after analyzing all your content, the program shows you further how to go about to do the necessary rectifications of passive to active voice. Every instance is accurately shown to you and rectified. Last but not least…
  • You get to save plenty of time: Not only do you quickly correct instances of passive voice, but the passive voice tester also enables you to instantly proofread your content, freeing up your schedule!

With that being said, you can get in touch with us today and utilize our free passive voice misuse checker!