How to Identify Passive Voice: 5 Easy Steps to Eliminate Passive Voice

The passive voice has always been given a negative outlook by literal scholars in the realm of both academic and content writing.

Indeed, many writers find it better to fall back to the active voice because of its innate ability to resonate with an audience when telling a story. For this reason, it can be vital to utilize a passive voice finder online when rechecking your content for the passive voice.

Nevertheless, what is the importance of knowing how to identify passive voice?

When it comes to the passive voice, this usually talks about a sentence setup whereby the subject acts on a particular object with a specific action.

On the other hand, the active voice refers to a setup whereby the subject in question is relegated to the one being done for the action by a particular verb. In short, the action becomes the focal point of the sentence.

For many first-time writers, this can be pretty confusing to understand. So, you see how identifying passive voice can be monumental in avoiding this confusion.

Nevertheless, the passive voice is rarely applauded when writing creative content. It is however important in other aspects of writing.

Examples of the Passive and Active Voice in Your Content

As we had earlier specified, an individual can determine the passive voice by looking at the verb and subject that is found in a particular sentence.

When examining how to detect the passive voice, we will have to have a situation whereby the subject itself is performing the action on a particular object within the sentence.

For example, here is how we can put this into practice

  • Elliot passed the salt. (Active voice)
  • The passing of the salt was done by Elliot. (Passive voice)

How to Identify Passive Voice and How to Avoid It?

Despite passive voice being used in some aspects of academic writing, it is important to avoid passive voice altogether. This is why a passive voice identifier is so imperative!

As a matter of fact, when it comes to engaging your audience with great content, most individuals implore writers to use the active voice. It tends to be more fun and entertaining.

So, we need to know how to eliminate passive voice in our sentences.

As you recall, the only way we can change from passive to active voice is by making the action the main focus of our sentence.

Hence, looking at the example below:

  • The washing of the hands was done by Samuel. (Passive voice)

We know that washing is the action, hence we have to make it the focal point of our sentence. This is where we introduce the auxiliary verb ‘to be.’

Since the sentence is in the past tense, we will restructure it this way:

  • Samuel washed his hands. (Active voice)

Indeed, the active voice can be a great tool to use when you’re dealing with content writing for a large audience.

How to Identify Passive Voice with These Indicators

There are a number of ways through which you can identify passive voice in a sentence as follows:

  • Figure out the Subject of a Sentence

Most, if not all, sentences have a subject. It is knowing where the subject is that is extremely vital in understanding the use of passive voice.

As we have come to understand, a sentence is written in passive voice if the subject is the one performing the action on a particular sentence.

So Samuel washed his hands… Samuel is the subject.

  • Knowing what the Action Verb Is in a Particular Sentence

“Samuel washed his hands.”

In the above sentence, “washed” is the action verb form in the past tense

Hence, on how to avoid passive voice in writing, we introduce the auxiliary verb to be to make the sentence structure much easier to understand. And because the sentence is in the past tense, we will have to put ‘to be’ in the past tense as well.

Hence, the sentence would translate to The washing of the hands was done by Samuel when discussing it in the active voice.

  • The Use of a Passive Voice Corrector

Conclusively, we can also use a passive voice detector for essays to determine whether or not our sentence is in the passive or active voice. The passive voice corrector is highly accurate because it is programmed with a varying set of algorithms to analyze your content and guide you on how to remove passive voice in your content.

This helps bypass any instance of human error that most students and writers are prone to. Additionally, a passive voice corrector is great in eliminating passive voice seamlessly.

how to identify passive voice online

5 Easy Methods to Eliminate Passive Voice in Your Content

Do you have a lot of sentences in passive voice in English in your content and you would like to eliminate them effectively? If that’s the case, then you can follow the essential step by step process below using our passive voice corrector program!

  • You can begin by first determining all the occurrences of passive voice in your content. Do this by putting your content into the interactive box of our passive voice corrector to check sentence structure.
  • Once you have placed the content in the interactive box, the passive voice corrector will then begin to analyze all your content to single out each and every instance of passive voice in your content. This is done by employing specific algorithms that check how a sentence structure has been organized.
  • Additionally, the active and passive voice corrector uses an algorithm that assists you in adding the auxiliary verb ‘to be’ in the sentence, which, as you now know, is ideal for transforming from passive into active voice.
  • Last but not least, the content will also be analyzed and proofread to eliminate any chances of grammatical errors that you might have missed via human proofreading.
  • And with that being said, you are guaranteed of having your content 100% in the active voice!

Who Are the Individuals That Can Benefit from Our Passive Voice Identifier?

One major advantage of using our passive voice misuse checker is that it can be used by just about any individual.

In fact, here are the main clients that utilize our program

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