Find Passive Voice with Active and Passive Voice Detector

The active voice is the preferred method of writing in modern times. Nevertheless, the passive voice is still used consistently in different aspects of writing. It all depends on how an individual approaches both forms of writing. That is why it’s important to use an active and passive voice detector.

For most people, they prefer to use the passive voice in the spectrum of academic writing. Especially when it comes to penning down content that has an air of official reasoning to it.

That being said, the passive voice can cause a lot of confusion and overuse if a given writer is still new to it. Still, nowadays there is a wide range of apps which allow to auto correct passive voice at no time.

5 Ways to Rectify Passive Overuse in Your Content

If you’re having issues to detect passive voice in your content, here are some definitive ways to rectify it.

  • Recognize the Subject of Your Sentences: As you can recall, the passive voice is a situation whereby the subject performs the action stipulated by the verb. For example, “The ball was kicked by Bryan.” To convert it to the active voice, you will first need to recognize the subject and then work towards making the verb the subject of the sentence.
  • Recognize the Verb of the Sentence: The verb of a sentence represents the action being undertaken. For example, in the aforementioned example, Brian kicked the ball, we see that kicking is the main action in the sentence. Remember our goal is to change to active voice, which involves making the action the main part of the sentence.
  • Using the Auxiliary Verb ‘to be’: To change to active voice, the verb ‘to be’ needs to be used constructively in a sentence. For example, if we plan to change John kicked the ball to active voice, then essentially the structure would be as follows: “The kicking of the ball WAS done by John.”  The auxiliary verb ‘to be’ is represented in the past tense with ‘was.’
  • Sticking to Tenses: Additionally, when changing from passive voice to active voice in grammar websites, it is vital that you be aware of the tense that you are using. In the event that you are using present tense, then both instances should remain in the present tense for passive and active voice.
  • Use a Passive Voice Corrector: Last but not least, it is vital that you use a passive voice corrector to ensure your content is in great standing when it comes to switching from passive voice to active voice. The benefit of using a passive voice corrector is that you can automatically check all your content in an instant and correct it; hence saving you a lot of time!

How Do You Identify Passive Voice in Your Content?

As mentioned earlier, the passive voice is detected by determining the subject and verb of the sentence. The idea on how to spot passive voice is to change the structure such that instead of the subject performing the action, the action is made to perform on the subject.

In our earlier example, here is the difference between both cases.

  • John kicked the ball. (Active voice)
  • The kicking of the ball was done by John. (Passive voice)

How to Use Our Passive Voice Detector to Find a Sentence

The following method is how to use the passive voice finder online to activate to active voice.

  • The first thing you have to do is visit the website and copy the content into the dialog box.
  • After doing so, the passive voice detector will know how to find passive voice and employ a different set of algorithms to determine all instances of passive voice. After doing so, the detector will highlight all instances of the issue and move to automatically rectify them.
  • Moreover, the automatic passive voice detector also ensures that your content is free from all errors of syntax and grammar that could cause issues. An advanced grammar checker knows perfectly how to identify passive voice and can check your write-ups 24/7. On average, such a revision takes only a couple of seconds.

That being said, if you would like to access our active and passive voice detector, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.