Active vs. Passive Voice Checker: What You Get

In the realm of writing, the active and passive voice are fundamental in conveying the message and overall theme communicated by the writer. As a matter of fact, most professional writers tend to switch between both frames of thought to make their content more attractive to the reader. This is why the active and passive voice corrector is so important.

Which begs the question; why is the passive voice fundamental in both academic and creative writing?

The Importance of the Passive Voice

The passive voice is mostly used as an authoritative voice in most facets of content writing.

It refers to the process by which the subject performs a particular action. A good example is as follows:

“David is rocking the boat.”

In most writing situations, the passive voice is used in scientific papers, as well as in media to communicate breaking news.

Though not favored amongst writers in the creative arts, the passive voice does hold weight and importance in areas of speech, or generally to communicate an important message.

How to Check for Passive Voice in a Sentence?

There are three main ways on how to check for passive voice in a sentence. Here they are as follows:

  • Knowing the Subject of the Sentence

Who is the subject of a particular sentence? Knowing this is extremely vital in comprehending how the passive voice has been used. As stated earlier, a sentence is in the passive voice if the subject is performing a particular action.

In the initial example, David is rocking the boat, we can clearly see that the subject performing a particular action is David and he is in the act of rocking the boat.

Hence, David is the subject of the sentence.

  • Determine the Action within the Sentence

It is important to note the presence of the ‘to be’ auxiliary verb in any sentence when highlighting the passive voice.

Indeed, ‘to be’ plays a critical role in determining the act of doing. Though not in every situation.

Let’s take a look at our initial example, David is rocking the boat.

The “to be” form is represented by ‘is’ in the sentence, which is in the present tense. Hence, the act or rocking ‘is’ being done by David on the boat. The subject performs the act of rocking.

  • Use a Passive Voice Corrector

Last but not least, there is the option of using a passive voice checker online free program, which we highly recommend. As a matter of fact, the passive voice corrector is no doubt the best option; instead of going through all your content with the naked eye.

The benefit of the grammar and passive voice checker is that it can instantly check all your content and determine sentences where the passive voice has been used.

active vs. passive voice checker app

Why Is It Difficult for You to Check Passive Voice on Your Own?

It can be quite a hassle to determine where you have used passive voice consider revising in your content, especially to the untrained eye.

This is because as human beings, we are naturally prone to errors. Hence it can be easy to bypass a sentence or two where the passive voice has been used, and unfortunately, ruin the flow of your content.

The Difference Between the Active and Passive Voice Checker

The question widely asked by most of our clients is this; how do I know when to use the active or passive voice checker? Well, the answer can be simplified with the following process:

  • Whether you are searching for active or passive voice in your content, the first thing you do is highlight the content that you would like to have checked, and paste it in the dialog box situated in the corrector’s website.
  • After doing this, the active voice checker will automatically begin checking your content using its algorithm to determine any instances of active or passive voice (depending on your preference)
  • Additionally, the program goes the extra step of helping you determine any instances of syntax and grammatical errors used throughout your sentence.
  • You then get a comprehensive breakdown of all instances of passive or active voice, of which you are then at liberty to rectify with the passive sentence checker.

What Are the Benefits of Accessing Our Active vs Passive Voice Checker?

That being said, here are some of the major upgrades you will get by accessing our passive corrector service:

  • Can Detect the Passive or Active Voice in Whichever Content: Whether you’re writing a scintillating story, or perhaps working industriously on an academic paper, the corrector automatically determines the active or passive voice in whichever content that you’re writing.
  • Gets Its Hands Dirty with Proofreading: Tired of doing all the mundane work of proofreading? Well, the passive corrector is here to give you a reprieve with your voice grammar. As a matter of fact, the program is ingeniously devised to check and highlight any proofreading errors throughout your content. And ultimately resolve them!
  • Saves You Eons: All those two hours you would have taken proofreading your content are resolved in just under 5 minutes. So maybe you can take the long-needed nap you’ve been dreaming for after finishing your paper!
  • The Service is a Freebie: You can use the service free of charge without having to worry about any hidden costs.
  • Fully Accessible Online: You can access all the amazing features of the sentence editor online. Hence, you don’t have to worry about downloading files that might be riddled by viruses.
  • Can be Used Any time of Day: The service is online 24 hours a day and thus, meets all your needs regardless of the time of day that it is.

And there you have it! Active vs passive voice checker is one of the best tools to ensure your writing is spotless. Get your free fixer now ⇩