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When it comes to English writing, there are two types of sentences active voice and passive voice. Active voice is most commonly used and preferred by the writers. It conveys the message clearly and there is no ambiguity in the sentence. On the other hand, passive voice is less preferred by the writers, as the object comes first, and the subject comes in the end or it can be eliminated from the sentence. This kind of sentence structure makes things difficult to understand. Maybe native English speakers can understand to some extent, but a person who is not native finds it really difficult to understand. However, sometimes it’s important to write in passive voice. Some sentence demand to be written in passive voice. For instance, when we need to emphasize the object, the passive voice sentence is required. Similarly, in scientific papers, students and researchers are asked to write it in the passive voice.

But writers face different problems when they write a passive voice sentence. The most common problem is the use of the subject. Sometimes they eliminate the subject completely, making the sentence more ambiguous. They are confused about the use of the verb. It is very important to fix these mistakes. A wrong sentence cannot convey the message properly and it is difficult to understand as well. Moreover, it gives the wrong impression to the reader and reflects your weak writing skills. You can find free online passive voice corrector. They can help you in the correction of these common mistakes, making your sentences error-free.

Importance of Timely Feedback

You may not know how to correct passive voice in a sentence, don’t worry, the online tool can help you.  When you use this tool, you do not only get the correction help, but it also gives you feedback. This feedback is very useful before you submit your document. You can correct the mistakes and keep them in mind for future correction as well. Poor grammar can lead you to the rejection of your documents. No journal wants to publish an article, which is full of mistakes. Readers want to read content, which is easy to understand, and the teacher will not give good grades to those students who have poor writing skills. So, no matter what the use of the content you have created, it should be correct. Timely feedback can help you to remove errors and mistakes. You can get good grades, you can get more readers on your blog post and you can get admission in the institution of your choice. Use auto correct passive voice and enjoy all the benefits, it offers.

Online Tool: How It Can Make Your Paper Perfect

The online tool can make your paper perfect. It works on different aspects of your paper.

  • Grammar is considered as the most important aspect of any content. If grammar is not correct, your content will not make sense. However, everyone is not a language expert. The online tool can help people to know grammatical mistakes and it gives them suggestions to correct them with logic.
  • Spellings is another factor, which can ruin the quality of your paper. Some are typo mistakes, others are confusing words and some are unintentional mistakes. The online tool can highlight all these mistakes and you can get a document without any spelling mistake.
  • Punctuation plays a vital role in the quality of any paper. A properly punctuated paper is easy to understand. But, we all make some common punctuation mistakes. The online tool can correct those errors and improves the quality of your paper.
  • It offers passive voice check free, which gives you suggestions for the improvement and for its conversion into active voice.

So, when you use a passive voice grammar checker, it works to improve the overall quality of your paper and ensure that there is no mistake left. In the end, you get a well-written paper, which is free from all kind of mistakes.

How Online Tool Saves Time

Basically, the online tool offers free online proofreading and editing. You can find a number of services online, which offers the same services. Firstly, they are not free. They ask for their fee either on per word basis or per page basis. Secondly, they are not instantly available. You can give them a deadline and they can return your document within 24 hours, but they charge a high fee for that. If you have a low budget, you might have to wait for weeks for the editing and proofreading of your document. But when you use an automatic passive voice fixer, it saves a lot of your time. As stated earlier, it requires no download. You can use it instantly, just by visiting the website. It works in minutes, you can get your document edited and proofread, within no time. So, all the people who are going to submit their documents in the last minute can use this. Its fix passive voice for me tool, which can be handy for everyone.

free online passive voice corrector app

Benefits of Our Passive Voice Corrector

If you are worried about how to fix passive voice in writing, relax, as an online tool is here to help you. It not only fixes the passive voice issues but also helps in a number of other ways.

  • As mentioned earlier, it is available instantly. You can use essay passive voice checker, anywhere at any time. It is available online and no download is required.
  • It does not ask for any fee or subscription charges. The passive voice editor and all basic features are available for free.
  • It’s not only free online software to check passive voice, but it also offers many other features as well. You can use it for grammar and spelling check. It can be used to know the word count of the document and it can check the plagiarism as well.
  • It does not require any space on your hard drive. You can use it online and if you want, you can download it as an extension in your browser.
  • This passive voice misuse checker can be used for any kind of document. Academic documents, business documents or blogs, it can provide assistance for all these documents.

These are just a few advantages of passive voice misuse fixer. Use the tool and see how it can help you.

How Does It Work?

When you ask someone to find passive voice misuse in my paper, the person may not be able to do the job properly, but a tool can do it perfectly. Usually, such tools require a subscription and downloading, but this tool is easily accessible. It works really simply.

  • You have to visit the website. Access the free online grammar checker English. Copy the text and paste in the given space on the website. It will highlight all the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues. You can get suggestions and correct them with a few clicks.
  • Another way to access is to download the extension in your browser. It is useful for your online tasks. Whenever you have to reply to any email or post an update on social media, it will help you to write content without any error.
  • You can download it on your Windows and use it at any time.

You can find a verity of online tools, but it’s better to select a reliable tool, which actually works. It’s not about the passive voice correction only. A good tool can help you to improve the overall quality of your paper. If you have such a handy tool, it can save your time and do wonders for you. Students can get better grades; job seekers can get a job and bloggers can get more traffic towards their blog. The important thing is to select the right tool and use it properly. A complicated tool can waste your time.

Use our free online passive voice corrector and get rid of your writing problems. Try it now, it’s free!